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Small fixes/tweaks.12 March 2015
Not in great shape lately, so a few small fixes / tweaks:

• Use sans-serif and non-italic fonts for the word definitions in the Vocab Shuffle reviews (for legibility).

• Reduced font size on the Vocab Shuffle flashcards for small screens ( <= 700px ), so the word definitions do not overextend (thanks Francis).

• Fixed the "Exit" links in Vocab Shuffle reviews (back to the Custom Review page).

Couple small fixes!11 March 2015
• The layout of the News archive page was broken (thanks Artgor, AzuraFilth).

• A default text color was missing from the page body, which could cause the text on some pages to appear too light (thanks flan).

"Reviewing the Kanji" is now "Kanji Koohii" !6 March 2015
The website just got a little makeover, hope you like it ! Along with the refresh of the layout and theme, the website's identity is now simply "Kanji Koohii" (if you read out the logo :-)) !

For existing users: "Sight reading" has moved under Study > "Kanji Recognition". The "Labs" page has now found its proper place under Review > "Custom Review".

If there are any issues with this update let me know through the feedback page, thank you!

Preview the redesigned Kanji Koohii !2 March 2015
The website will soon switch to the updated design. Please let me know in this thread if anything needs to be looked at before the switch !

Preview the redesigned Kanji Koohii !

The switch corresponds to the first milestone of this redesign, which is to have a fully functional site with the new layout, and the new menu-based navigation. There is still a lot of work to do, particularly the Study page which has merely been "fitted in" the new design at the moment.

New: "Cards reviewed today"26 February 2015
The Review page now displays how many flashcards have been reviewed today.

This provides better feedback for users reviewing in multiple sessions throughout the day. It is also useful if you fall behind on reviews: when there is a large pile of due cards, it's not very clear that any progress was made before and after a review. With this "today count" you can set yourself a daily limit and works towards that goal.

The flashcard count is based on your local midnight time, so make sure to set up your local time in the Edit Account page (note that this timezone setting can be shifted forward or backward at your convenience, for example if your day ends at 2am and you want a new set of due cards to appear after 2am).
...more in the news archive.