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Happy New Year !8 January 2016
Happy New Year everyone! Here is an update on the end of the year donation run. We have reached approx. 774 EUR ! Thank you!

Continuing from last post, in chronological order and up to December 31 : many thanks to Лукьяненко, Levon, Zachary, Xavier, Rebecca, Catherine, Sebastian, Francesca, Ayman, Robert, Jean M., Andrew, Michael, Jarmo and Benoit. As well as Kenneth and Eric who should have been included in the last post, my apologies!

I hope I can still make some valuable improvements to the website this year. Right now I have quite a bit on my mind as I need to move back to Brussels where I used to live many years, settle there in a new place and find new employment. I can't wait though, because the last couple years I have felt increasingly isolated and living outside of the capital wasn't working out for me.

Please note that donations aren't the only way to support the site. Links to Kanji Koohii and our community forum have always been extremely useful. Much of the new visitor traffic to this site comes from links in popular blogs and social sites, that are often several years old! If you love the site please consider leaving a mention / link on your blog, Twitter feed, etc. This can have a great impact over time, thank you!

Who's Reviewing? (small update)24 December 2015
You can now access the Reviewing Today members list from the Review drop down (top navigation). The list shows members who are using Kanji Koohii's Spaced Repetition along with their flashcard total. This page was no longer linked to during the redesign earlier this year. Thanks to Xavier for reminding me about it!
End of the Year 2015 Donation Run - Update23 December 2015
As of writing (Dec 23 rd) the donation total is of 547 EUR !

Thanks to (in chronological order): John, Andy, Mark, Bastian, Armand, Michael, Kevin, Daniel, Philip, Gordon, Peter, Maya, Peter, Jonathan, John, David, Dylan, A.T. Also special thanks to the adventurous who chose the recurring donation (also in chronological order): Wisam, Charles G., Charles A., Keith, Conrad, John, Tobias, Catherine.

Thanks everyone for the awesome support!

Another way of supporting Kanji Koohii is through our affiliate JapanesePod101 : note that they are still running some deals that aren't sold out in their 10-Year Anniversary Holiday Deals.
End of the Year 2015 Donation Run16 December 2015
Has this website been valuable to you? Please consider supporting my work with a donation. It would be fantastic if we can reach ~ 600 € (EUR). I would love to upgrade my 3rd Gen iPad, which is getting kinda slow and clunky, but is still one of my favorite gadgets :)

In previous years there have been spontaneous donation runs started by members on our forum. I'm very grateful for that. This year I decided to be a little bolder, because I need your support. I've lost two advertisers recently, and for whatever reason the website has seen a noticeable drop in traffic in the month of November.

To be honest, my motivation is taking a blow lately. I've worked two months on upgrading the forum. I designed and implemented a completely new theme for MyBB, spent hours figuring out how to upgrade from PunBB as their script didn't work out of the box, finally made the forum mobile friendly & responsive. And the net result? It's doing OK, but I have yet to see any substantial positive change. Maybe I just need to be really patient as Google is still reporting 2000+ pages with "mobility" issues... On the up side, the daily registrations on the forum has increased so it's a good sign.

Japanese Pod 10-Year Anniversary

JapanesePod101 is currently running 10 Year Anniversary Countdown promotions. It is their biggest campaign of the year. Look out for DAY 9 and 10 ! (1-Year Premium for $99).

Other ways to support

There are other great ways to support Kanji Koohii : tweet the website, write a little something about it on your blog, tell your friends, post a link on Facebook, etc. I think that would help tremendously!

I will be spending a few days with a friend this weekend, so I may not be able to reply to emails until just before Christmas. I hope everyone has a great time this end of the year 2015!
The new forum is LIVE!15 November 2015
Finally. It was a lot of work but I am really happy today to introduce the upgraded and redesigned kanji koohii FORUM !

The forum is now mobile device friendly (phones and tablets)! Early Google PageSpeed Insight results are promising. No more pinch and zoom. You can now browse all discussions, and participate on a mobile device with resolutions all the way down to 480 pixels wide.

I wanted the mood of the forum to change, from the somewhat dry and rhetoric look (in my eyes, anyway), to something a little more colorful with hints of cherry inspired of course by Japan :) I didn't want to go full "flat design" though, so there are shadows and layers, and I will continue to refine it over time. I am not a graphic designer, so the design is a bit weak and inconsistent in some areas but overall I think it's a decent upgrade :)

Along with the responsive layout and refreshed design, the forum now supports a Rich Text Editor, private messaging, video embedding in posts, a printable version of threads, etc.
...more in the news archive.