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Fun with Vue.js (developer post)10 December 2016
Today I created a proof of concept Leitner bar chart with Vue.js. It was a great exercise for learning Vue, and it made me realize just how useful this view / model approach can be. The underlying data with the number of cards in each box can be used as the model to represent the chart. The way Vue works, by changing the model, the bar chart updates automatically!

Try it in this codepen : add a column, remove a column, randomize the values. The bar chart immediately adapts to the new data. Pretty neat. Here is the full page as a gist if you'd like to experiment with it.

Testers wanted for mobile update + JapanesePod101 Deals8 December 2016
JapanesePod101 Holiday Countdown! check out the thread for the coupons like 47% OFF Basic & Premium and 1-Year Premium for $99 (until Dec 16th).

Mobile / responsive site update : it's taking a bit longer than I hoped.. but for the better! I'm looking into VueJs and I realized I just can't continue to write Javascript the way I used to some years ago. A framework like Vue will save me a TON of time. I figured I may as well start using it, probably for the site-wide search bar and perhaps some mobile navigation elements.

Looking for testers! Would you like to help me improve the website for mobile / smartphone / tablet users? (basically, touch interface). I need a few active users who are looking forward to a responsive / mobile optimized version of Kanji Koohii. You can help me simply by using the site, and send me some feedback. For example, are there links / buttons in some places that are too small, how is the navigation; etc. Then send me a message briefly indicating what device / model you have.

Working on mobile / responsive navigation (part 2)2 December 2016
Work is advancing on the responsive update. All the pages are being worked over; I'm using Bootstrap to refresh even the basic things like the sign in form... which end up much more usable on a small screen.

The navigation is working. I spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of navigation to use but eventually I've settled on making my own. A relatively simple dropdown. One on the left for the main navigation, and one on the right, for the account options, with the Koohii logo center (working as the "home" button).

There are some pretty cool "slideout" navs out there... but who knows how it behaves when I have more interface on screen like the flashcards? And if something doesn't do what I need it to do, updating the code will be a headache.

Pledged for Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter (19 hours to go!)30 November 2016
Thanks to everyone who supports Kanji Koohii ! I've just pledged 20 $ today in the Font Awesome 5 Kickstarter for the Early Backer Reward.

I saw this Kickstarter earlier and shrugged it off thinking the free version was enough but I'm also interested in the SVG icons and I thought it was too good to pass up. This website currently uses the free version of Font Awesome. With the Pro version I will have access to many more icons, and potentially use SVG icons as well.

If you're looking for icons (both font and SVG) for your projects / designs you can still help them reach the 1,000,000 $ goal and get the a Pro license for just 20 $ !
JapanesePod101 "Cyber Monday" sale26 November 2016
In case you missed Black Friday, JapanesePod101 is running another great sale:
50% OFF 1- & 2-Year Premium Subscriptions Only (valid until Nov 28th).

"In case you’ve missed the Black Friday deal, here’s the next best offer! That’s as low as $5/month or about the price of a cup of coffee! With Premium, you get full access to our language learning system - ALL lessons, ALL lesson notes, premium study tools, exclusive apps and much more."

Follow this link to apply the coupon (valid until Nov 28th).
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